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Esther Haag (Delft, the Netherlands, 1966) studied Dutch Language and Literature at the University of Groningen. She has held several positions in business and teaching, and became placement coordinator at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Groningen in 2004.

She previously co-authored a guide to report writing in literature research (Esther Haag & Jeanne Dirven. Schrijven in stappen, handboek voor de verslaglegging van literatuuronderzoek. 3rd ed. The Hague: Boom Lemma uitgevers, 2008).

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Welcome to the website of the book Internship Guide: Work Placement Step by Step by Esther Haag. This book has been written for students in higher education and covers the steps students take when they are looking for a placement during their degree programme. During the first step, orientation, the student figures out his or her goals and the criteria set by the degree programme. The next steps include finding a placement-providing organization, applying for a placement and possibly for a grant, signing placement contracts and making visa arrangements. The last steps are writing a placement report and the assessment of the placement. All questions students may have during their quest will feature in this book and, using the Index, the answers are easy to find. The dilemmas student face are illustrated by practical examples. This websites is created to support the book.


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